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Seoul to Philadelphia to Los Angeles



John, writer/director, was born in Seoul, South Korea but traveled and resided in many different countries like Germany, England and France; all before the age of 7. Ultimately landing in the States and making Philadelphia, PA his home for the majority of his life. John currently resides in Los Angeles, CA.

At age 19, while pursuing film studies at Temple University, John became heavily involved in his second artistic passion for music. He worked extensively as a session guitarist and recording engineer in the Philadelphia area and in the Nashville music scene.

While continuing his studies, John’s talent for directing and story telling would be noted by the release of his short film entitled “Delirious,” which has won awards and accolades.

John’s professional career started with a close working relationship with local community leaders and church groups by providing assistance to non profit organizations in the production and coordination of various commercials and related multi-media projects. He has worked for such television show like ABC’s “Good Morning America” and has even helped launch “The Martial Arts Channel” in which he spearheaded and directed the company’s television production and multimedia design initiatives.

Some of John’s achievements have been directing music videos for an international recording artist; “Siris” which have aired on MTV and have been the number one downloaded Chinese music video. John has also wrote and directed a very moving PSA for the National Council on Alcohol and Drug Dependency, which aired nationally. His WW2 short film, “Letters” premiered in 2014 at the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival and has garnered much attention including support by veterans and current military personnel at the G.I. Film Festival. His horror short, “Don’t Look Into Their Eyes” premiered on February of 2018 at Portland, Oregon and is currently making the festival rounds. John is working on his next project, a dramedy feature titled “Heritage”.

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