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The agency came to us with a broad creative. The goal was two folds, first was to create a looping B-roll that would play on the homepage but the restriction was to keep the subject framed right to accommodate “copy” that would be living on the left. The second was to create a Q/A, talking heads, from real users. I pitched them the idea of creating a “docu” style, slice of life, from these real users.


I was the Director/Producer on this and worked with a full team that consisted of Producer(s), Cinematographer, and various crew to carry out this large scale production. We conducted casting session to find real users of Botox, secured the various locations which was mainly at the user’s home. We secured equipment, various props and support needed for this production.


Filmed on location(s), 3 day production. The day was broken into two, first half was filming the B-Roll and the second half was filming the Q/A (talking heads).


I provided the editing and color correction.




Zeta Interactive