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Carbona are makers of fine cleaning products. The agency came to me with a broad creative. I pitched them the idea of doing a commentary style videos that’s popular in YouTube. The client loved the idea.


I was responsible for all aspects of this production. During the Pre Production phase, I conducted the various casting sessions. I also found and secured the location, a house in Pennsylvania, to serve as the main backdrop for all of the videos. I also secured PA crew, equipment, and other various elements to support the production.


We filmed the background plate, “lifestyle”, on location. The budget only allowed for a single day shoot so I scheduled it such in a way that we would film most of the important coverages first and split the crew into two teams at separate locations to film the rest of the elements. The final “commentator” element was filmed separately on another day in Los Angeles, a live feed to the agency and client on the East Coast was provided since they couldn’t attend the shoot. I served as both Director and Cinematographer.


I provided the editing and color correction. I supervised additional work with a VFX vendor to add more visible “Stain” elements to various shots.




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