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WW2 1944 – three soldiers, two Rangers and a lost Airborne, gets pinned down by a German sniper. Depleted of tools and low on ammo, they must set aside their differences and get out of this predicament and make rendezvous point or be left behind.
Directed by John Rhee
Written by Jimmy Costanzo, John Rhee
Produced by Preston Clay Reed
Cinematography by Benji Bakshi
Production Design by Aaron Higgins
Music by Doug Bossi


Chris Conrad as Crosier
Noah James as Grandt
Nathanael Theisen as Reynolds


Executive Produced by John Rhee
1st AD by Will Lambe
1st AC by Salvador Vega
2nd AC by Johanna Cerati
Loader by Christine Ann Waynick
Sound Mixers by Sabi Tulok, Charlie Mead
Gaffer by Rowan Byers
Grip by Jeff Godshall
Special FX Supervisor by Ryan Kelley
Makeup and Blood by Bianca Appice
Production Assistance by Austin Ford, David Porter, and Jessie Lee
Edited by Riven Aversol
Sound Editor/Designer by Sabi Tulok
VFX Compositor/Wire Removal by Riven Aversol
Digital Artists by Pete Terlaakpoot, Mike Colarik, and Tyler Johnson
Digital Intermediate by Prehistoric Digital, LLC
Colorist by Kevin Cannon
DI Producer by William Adashek
Assistant Colorist by Josef Sipkins
Camera and Lenses courtesy of Panavision, INC.
Film Processing courtesy of Fotokem
Film Stock courtesy of Kodak

© 2013 Fretboard Pictures LLC


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